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Shadie Elnashai is a longtime Rentertainment pal, former ace movie news reporter for the Buzz, and all around great guy. You can read more about him at imdb and on his blog, Shades of Grey.


Last, and certainly least, are the most miserably dire, worthless and unredeemably flawed movies I have ever seen. With nary a moment's entertainment between them, they're ranked in a sort of Worst to "Best" order, though understand this is as subjective as my mood allows. Unlike my list of Best and Favourites, do not feel free to recommend any of those I have ommitted. Special Mention to: Russell Mulcahy, Joel Schumacher and John Landis, for making TWO of the Worst 54 Flix I've Ever Seen.

1. Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation 2004 Tippett, Phil USA
2. Highlander 2: The Quickening 1991 Mulcahy, Russell France/UK
3. RoboCop 3 1993 Dekker, Fred USA
4. Link 2005 Christian, Robin Champaign, USA
5. Star Wars' Holiday Special, The 1978 Binder, Steve USA
6. Beverly Hills Cop 3 1994 Landis, John USA
7. Batman and Robin 1997 Schumacher, Joel USA
8. Man Who Saved The World, The 1982 Inanç, Çetin Turkey
9. Avengers, The 1998 Chechik, Jeremiah USA
10. Pledge This! 2006 Heins, William USA
Lift, The 1983 Mass, Dick Holland
Blood Camp Thatcher 1982 Trenchard-Smith, Brian UK
King Kong 1976 Guillermin, John USA
Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 2000 Berlinger, Joe USA
Freddy Got Fingered 2001 Green, Tom USA
Super Mario Bros. 1993 Jankel, Annabel; Morton, Rocky USA
Eaten Alive 1980 Lenzi, Umberto Italy
Alexander 2004 Stone, Oliver USA
Mr. Bean's Holiday 2007 Bendelack, Steve UK
Scary Movie 4 2006 Zucker, David USA
Tribe, The 1998 Poliakoff, Stephen UK
Hudson Hawk 1991 Lehmann, Michael USA
Phantom, The 1996 Wincer, Simon Australia
Body of Evidence 1993 Edel, Uli USA
Island of Dr. Moreau, The 1996 Frankenheimer, John USA
Shadow, The 1994 Mulcahy, Russell USA
Howard The Duck 1986 Huyck, Willard USA
Stepfather, The 1987 Ruben, Joseph USA
Manos: The Hands Of Fate 1966 Warren, Harold P. USA
Jingle All The Way 1996 Levant, Brian USA
Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 2000 Christian, Roger USA
Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 1987 Harry, Lee USA
Plan 9 From Outer Space 1959 Wood Jr., Edward D. USA
Dying Young 1991 Schumacher, Joel USA
Epic Movie 2007 Friedberg, Jason; Seltzer, Aaron USA
Silent Hill 2006 Gans, Christopher Canada
Blues Brothers 2000 1998 Landis, John USA
America's Heart and Soul 2004 Schwartzberg, Louis USA
Dracula: Dead and Loving It 1995 Brooks, Mel USA
Suburban Commando 1991 Kennedy, Burt USA
Supergirl 1984 Szwarc, Jeannot UK
Basic Instinct 2 2006 Caton-Jones, Michael USA
Swept Away 2002 Ritchie, Guy UK
Johnny Mnemonic 1995 Longo, Robert Canada
Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, The 1999 Besson, Luc France
Spice World: The Movie 1997 Spiers, Bob UK
I Spit On Your Grave 1978 Zarchi, Meir USA
Dead Again 1991 Branagh, Kenneth USA
Wing Commander: Space Will Never Be The Same 1999 Roberts, Chris USA
Showgirls 1995 Verhoeven, Paul USA
Mortal Kombat: Annihalation 1997 Leonetti, John R. USA
Jaws: The Revenge 1987 Sargent, Joseph USA
Wild Wild West 1999 Sonnenfeld, Barry USA
Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot 1992 Spottiswoode, Roger USA
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