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Links we thought you'd find useful...
1) Places to buy DVDs & Video Tapes
2) Reviews
3) Film Festivals
4) Movie Houses (in the Urbana-Champaign Area)
5) Video Labels
6) Video Store Industry News
7) Equipment
8) Internet Film Sites
9) Internet Televison Sites
10) Great Video Stores in Other Towns
11) Miscellaneous Sites of Interest
Places to buy DVDs & Video Tapes
BromleyVideo (PAL cycling DVDs)
Criterion DVD (not official Criterion site)
Diabolik DVD
DVD Asia
DVD Planet
European Films (Rare stuff)
Facets Multimedia
Film Movement
German Videos (owned by eBay)
Hong Kong Films
India Plaza (Indian and Bollywood films)
Kim’s Video
Microcinema International
Movies Unlimited
Music Video Distributors
Olive Films - "Where Independent Art Matters"
Poker Industries (Asian and imports)
Shocking Videos (rare films on DVDr)
Super Happy Fun (more rare films on DVDr)
TLA Video
Video Beat! (1950s & 1960s Rock 'n Roll movies)
Video Flicks (Canadian mail order)
Video Oyster (rare and out of print stuff)
World Cycling Productions
Xploited Cinema (imports, PAL, rare stuff)

AFI's Top 100 Lists
All Movie Guide
Asian Movie Database
Chuck Koplinski
Cinema-Scope: Expanding the frame...
DVD Confidential
DVD Journal
DVD Talk
Digitally Obsessed
Edwin Jahiel
Extraordinary Movie & Video Guide
Encyclopedia of Fantasic Film and Television
Films 101 - Discover the Best Movies of All Time
Filmthreat Magazine
Foreign Films Dot Com
Greatest Films
Hong Kong Movie Database
Internet Movie Database
Marty's Marquee
Movie Mom
Movie Review Query Engine
Planet Out
Reel Movie Critic
Roger Ebert
Rotten Tomatos
Television Episode Guide
TV dot com
Women in the Director’s Chair
Your Movie Data Base

Film Festivals
American Black Film Festival (Los Angeles)
Bicycle Film Festival
Big Sky Documentary Film Festival
Cannes Film Festival
Champaign-Urbana French Film Festival
Chicago’s International Fest
Chicago’s Underground Film Festival
Ebert Fest (Champaign/U of I's own...)
Freaky Film Festival
Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival
New York Underground Film Festival
San Diego Black Film Festival
San Diego Jewish Film Festival
San Diego Latino Film Festival
San Francisco Black Film Festival
San Francisco Indie Fest
Slamdance Film & Music Festival
Sundance Fim Festival

Movie Houses (in the Urbana-Champaign area)
Avon Theatre (Decatur, IL)
The Art Theater (Champaign, IL)
Castle Theater (Bloomington, IL)
GKC - Beverly Cinema 18 (Champaign, IL)
Heart Theatre (Effingham, IL)
Lorrainne Theatre (Hoopeston, IL)
Normal Theatre (Normal, IL)
Princess Theatre (LeRoy, IL)
Savoy 16 (Savoy, IL)
Virginia Theatre (Champaign, IL)
(for more information about old movie houses visit Cinema Tour)

Video Labels
Article 27
Atom Films
Blue Underground
Brave New Films
Criterion films
Film Movement
First Run Features
Full Moon
Kino International
Les Blank (Flower Films)
New Yorker Films
Palm Pictures
Prolefeed Studios
Russ Meyer
Sinister Cinema
Something Weird
Synapse Films
Tai Seng Video
Tartan Video
TLA Releasing
Troma Team Headquarters
Video Yesteryear

Video Store Industry News
Home Media Retailing
Video Business Magazine
Video Retailer Magazine
Video Software Dealers Association
Video Store Central

Champagne Audio (Champaign, IL)
Glenn Poor's Audio Video (Champaign, IL)
Good Vibes (Champaign, IL)
J and R
CD Playright (DVD protection)

Internet Film Sites
Atom Films
Classic Movie Musicals
Film Movement (monthly DVD subscription)
Honk Worm
Ice Box
In-Sound (all things movies and music)
Ironweed (monthly DVD subscription)
Masters of Cinema - Collating and Disseminating Information...
Mondo Digital - Weird and Wild Cinema
The Movie Blog - "The Official Home of Correct Movie Opinions"
Pitchfork (music reviews)
Silver Screen Cowboys

Internet Televison sites (TV Episode Guides)
Television Without Pity (TV Episode Guide)
TV Tome (guide to TV shows)

Great Video Stores in other towns -- has been moved here

Miscellaneous Sites of Interest
American Film Institute
Arts and Entertainment Television
The Bare Facts Video Guide
British Film Institute
The Digital Bits (DVD Information)
DVD Beaver
DVD Easter Eggs
Illini Film & Video Club
I Hate Blockbuster
Movie Mistakes
Movie Quotes
Official Oscar Site
Open Bands (CU Music/Arts discussion)
Parasol Records (Indie Music mail-order)
Public Broadcasting Service
The Razzies
Red Green Show
Rick's Movie Graphics (posters)
Strictly Film School
University of Illinois Unit for Cinema Studies
Video Help
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