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Cycling in Champaign County

Riding in Champaign County
Champaign Cycle's Champaign County Escape Map High-res .pdf (6.5mb)
Lower-res .pdf (2.5mb)
Local Bike Shops
Baker's Bikes
The Bike Project
Bike Works 1103 W Main, Urbana (328-2001)
Champaign Cycle
Durst Cycles
Flats Fixed  
Local Cycling Blogs
All Bikes R Cool
Exposed Bits
Folkbikes blog
Urbana Champaign Bicycle Commute Blog
Local (and near local) Cycling Links
Champaign County Bikes
Critical Mass
CU Across the Prairie
C-U Racing
Danville Bicycle Club (no web page?)
Decatur Bicycle Club
The Illini 4000 for Cancer
Peoria Bicycle Club
Prairie Cycle Club (Urbana-Champaign Club)
The Bike Project
UIUC Bike & Pedestrian Hazards (photo's by Gary Jazz)
Urbana Champaign Bike Ride!
Commuting specific sites
2 Mile Challenge
Bicycle to Work
Bicycling Life
Chicago Bike Winter (Chicago commuting site)
Commute by Bike
Ice Bike (no excuse for hanging your bike up in the winter)
Other good Cycling links
Adventure Cycling Association
Bike Month (League of American Bicyclists)
Bike TV (lots of bicycling related short video clips)
Campagnolo Timeline
Campy Only
Classic Rendezvous
Rails to Trails
Ride of Silence
Road Bike Rider (excellent weekly newsletter -- sign-up!)
Sheldon Brown's Bike Page (all things bike)
Cycling Forums
Adventure Cycling's Forums
Bicycling Magazine's Forums
Road Bike Review
Team Estrogen (forum)
Cycling for a cause -- Pro Racer's running Not for Profits
Dave Zabriskie's Yeild to Life
Davis Phinney Foundation (Parkinson's Research)
Lance Armstrong Foundation (Cancer Research)
Cycling Advocacy Groups (and other misc links)
Association of Pedestians and Bicycle Professionals
Bicycling Info: Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
Bikes Belong Coalition
Chicagoland Bicycle Federation
Crash Prevention
Ghost Bike
Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) Cycling Page
Illinois State Police Bicycle Safety Command Center
League of American Cyclists
League of Illinois Bicyclists
Matt's Law Coalition
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
One Street
Some other cycling blogs I like to read...
Bike Snob NYC
Fat Cyclist
Up in Alaska
More random stuff...
Here's a locally made video about Bruce at Bikeworks
The "Itty-Bitty Bike Shop" is now open for business in That's Rentertainment...

Also check out the That's Rentertainment Cycling in Films page.

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